The Bees Knees, Please

We live in a small townhouse community, and all of our landscaping is handled by a professional landscaping company. My neighbor, Max, is the brain behind what gets planted, when, where and for what reason. She's done a great job over the past few years replacing dead trees, fixing past planting mistakes, etc.

This spring she replaced a bush in front of our house with a dogwood of some kind. Unlike most bushes, this one is less dense and woody, more open and green. It has beautiful, simple little white flowers. Recently while walking the dogs, I noticed something wonderful.

The flowers had attracted a voracious assortment of bees. Most are bumble bees, but I see several types feasting. Given the struggle bees are having this sight was a blessing. I try to look at it once a day if I can, as a reminder of Nature's sacred embodiment of Spirit.

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