Veterans Day Prayer

Spirit of Life, whom we have called by many names in thanksgiving and in anguish

Bless the poets and those who mourn

Send peace for the soldiers who did not make the wars but whose lives were consumed by them.

Let strong trees grow above the graves far from home Breathe through the arms of their branches 
The earth will swallow your tears while the dead sing No More, never again, remember me.”

For the wounded ones, and those who received them back, let there be someone ready when the memories come when the scars pull and the buried metal moves and forgiveness for those of us who were not there
for our ignorance.

And in us, veterans in a forest of a thousand fallen promises let new leaves of protest grow on our stumps.

Give us courage to answer the cry of humanity’s pain 
And with our bare hands, out of full hearts,
with all our intelligence
let us create the peace.

By Barbara Pescan, minister, Unitarian Church of Evanston, Illinois, from Beyond Absence, a treasury of poems, quotations, and readings on death 

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