It is finished; We the People

I am cautiously optimistic that the end of a dark, backward, damaging era has come. I love my country, warts and all; I know Obama is not the messiah, and I am not a Democrat, but I think that there is at least the opportunity for the kind of change we need as a country to move forward and re-establish a firm foundation for our future. We deserve better, and we ought to do better, than we have done in the past few decades. It's time to step up America. We have done what no other modern nation has done-we have looked past sectarianism and elected our own leader in spite of our past struggle with racism, hatred, and division. We have taken a big step into the future.

To Senator McCain, your condemnation of the booing and other negative shout outs from your supporters in public is deeply admirable and I respect you for speaking up for a bigger cause than mud-slinging.

The Union and the Constitution forever!

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