Hypocrisy, thy name is Colson

 Here's what I don't get: Senator McCain is divorced and remarried, technically making him and his wife Cindy adulterers (well not in my book, but in the Bible's New Testament).  Half of American marriages end in divorce; Reagan was divorced.  And, perhaps not shockingly, Mr. Colson himself is divorced (and a felon).  

So does that mean they (the opponents to gay marriage) want marriage defined as a union of one man and one woman, easily dissolved so that each may then unite with another man or woman as suits them?  Is marriage in America to be defined by the whims of hypocritical heterosexual convenience?  Since Colson et alia don't live their marriages as religious sacraments, but rather as civil contracts, one cannot help but wonder why preventing same-sex couples from having those same contracts is so important?  Must be a money maker there somewhere...which brings me to another thought.

Why does the LDS and the KofC so freely spend large sums of money on this type of thing, but don't seem to address real issues with their massive amounts of money?  How many bridges could have been repaired with their contributions to the Prop 8 nonsense?  How many homes could have been built for the poor?  How much healthcare?  How many families who have hit hard times and are in foreclosure could have been rescued?  What is wrong with these people?

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