A couple of weeks ago I purged this blog of most political posts because 1. I have already voted and 2. this election, and all that has come with it (financial mess etc.) are giving me a great deal of agita.  However, after reading some of Tina Brown's new foray into the online world I came to a long-dormant realization.  The America I was raised to believe in, the one that I have always expected, has been split by political spin doctors into some odd, radical pieces that don't, I believe, really exist.

I am not a member of any political party; in fact I think political parties are detrimental to democracy, but that's another post.  I like making money.  I like business.  I work for a very (less than 10 employees) business.  I also like bridges that don't collapse when I drive over them, and elderly persons who aren't reduced to eating cat food or stealing from my garden (well, if I had one).  I don't think I have to compromise common decency to make a profit.  I don't think a world where everything is given to us by the government is a good thing.  I don't think a world in which every man is for himself is good either.  In other words, I don't see a contradiction in working hard, achieving one's goals, and still living in a society whose government provides value for money.  

It seems impossible right now, but I do hope for a better America, that operates from a reasonable center and not from ridiculous fringes.

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