Time is up

Some things are best avoided; strolling through a bad neighborhood with a big visible wad of cash, trying to reason with politicians, and proselytizing in some parts of the world.  This woman was killed for preaching Christianity in Afghanistan. We've all had an annoying knock on our door from someone who wanted to share their faith with us, but it's easy to just tell them to bug off.  Apparently the Taliban, not content with blowing up Buddhas and outlawing kite flying, felt that "just say no" wasn't enough, so they shot her dead.  Now I think that preaching in Afghanistan is unwise, but not worthy of death.
The people of Afghanistan and their government must be willing to put these folks out of business for good.  It's time for the rest of the world to get out, and let the place rot if that's what Afghanis want.  Sometimes sink or swim is the best policy...

RIP Gayle Williams.

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