Some people just have a way with words

“Curiosity is the foundation of true education, the love of life, of prayer. Come and see the unfolding of what is new in every moment, the uncovering of layer after layer of reality, of love, of light. Pray as you are drawn to pray, not as someone has told you how to pray. The ancient 'illuminative way’ of prayer is seeing the extraordinary reality of God in the ordinary, detecting the movement of the sacred within the mundane. Gather all that you see outside yourself and bring it in to see up close, to magnify the Lord, to see God blazing behind the starfish, the shell, the petrified wood." from Grace's Window: Entering the Seasons of Prayer by Suzanne Guthrie ISBN: 1-56101-124-X

"God lies in loving, delighted ambush throughout my days, wanting to wrap and weave around and through my entire life. . . . For God is a lover who wants me." From A Place Like Any Other: Sabbath Blessings by Molly Wolf ISBN: 0-385-49955-8

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