Pot, here's kettle: Chapter 125

Iran's President is making more noise (keep in mind, the Iranian president is not the highest office in Iran; the country is really ruled by clerics headed by a Supreme Leader) about how awful the world of "the rich countries" is and how the US et al are mean and uncaring (big paraphrase). So it's more than a little hypocritical to read this.

Now I'm not blind; the US and the rest of the world are far from perfect. Our foreign policy is awful; the Bush administration and the Congress have run up a huge deficit by traipsing around the world playing GI Joe (while ignoring the needs of troops & their families when they return). Europe is struggling to define itself, and to understand how to implement the separation of religion and state, while at the same time preaching tolerance but not practicing it (France and Turkey's obsession with Islamic headscarves for example). The Middle East is a mess, with sheiks and kings and dictators hoarding all the money and putting blame for society's ills on everybody else. And the Islamic Republic of Iran is far from paradise itself.

It's time the world's leaders stop spouting stupid, pointless rhetoric about how better country A is than country B. First, one ought to clean up one's own backyard before complaining about the neighbors too much.

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