Christians are cannibals!

Which of course, is an absurd way to refer to the Christian practice of communion/the sacrament of the Eucharist.

Just as absurd, is the seemingly undying belief that gay=pedophile.

Let's be clear-gay adults have a sexual attraction to other adults of their gender. Straight adults have sexual attraction to adults of the opposite gender.

Pedophiles have sexual attraction to CHILDREN. Specifically, prepubescent children. Some pedophiles prefer boys to girls or vice versa; some have no preference. Most are men.

Hebephilia is the sexual attraction of an adult towards a pubescent child. Ephebophilia is the sexual attraction of an adult towards an adolescent. This would include, from a legal perspective, an 18 year old male and his 17 year old girlfriend having consensual sex...another topic.

Pedophiles and hebephiles use their naturally superior power and influence to have sexual contact with children. Gay and straight adults who use power to have sex with an unwilling adult participant are called rapists; those who have consensual sex are, well, normal.

Got it Oklahoma County Commissioner Brent Rinehart? Can't blame your legal problems on gays...

O God, open the minds of those who lie and deceive. Bring them into your heart, and replace their hate with understanding and truth.

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