Unitarianism is an affirmation of the things that divinely are.

Therefore it is not atheism. It seems ridiculous to Unitarians even to say this. For almost a hundred years God has been preached from this pulpit of May Memorial Church by the men who have led its members into the higher life. God, and nothing else, has been preached and lived here; which latter is the more essential. Unitarianism is steeped in faith in God. "God is. God is here. God is now." cried Edward Everett Hale. And his whole life showed that he meant just what he said. The present reality of God, here on earth, now in this twentieth century, is the fundamental faith of Unitarianism. And yet somehow the idea has got abroad that Unitarianism is a Godless faith, whatever that may be. It is related that a rigid orthodox lady once went into a strange church, where a man she did not know was preaching. As she left the church she said, "I wish that atheist Theodore Parker could have heard that sermon." She had been listening to Theodore Parker himself. The story may or may not be true; but it is typical. Let it be declared once and for all, with what power one man may have, that while Unitarianism may not accede to some particular doctrine about God, it has faith in God. The reality of God is the foundation stone upon which its whole structure is reared. Unitarianism is saturated through and through with the spirit of God.
--Rev. John H. Applebee
May Memorial Church 1914
Published by the Woman's Alliance of
May Memorial Church, Syracuse, N. Y.

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