Traditional Marriage

Traditional marriage, is quite an interesting concept. Let's look at some longstanding traditional marriage practices:

  • Marrying one's cousin (Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip; Isaac & Rebekah (of Genesis fame, the Bible book not the band; Jacob & Rachel & Leah of the aforementioned Genesis fame)
  • Taking multiple wives (early LDS followers, current FDLS followers, Muslims [optional], various tribes around the world).
  • Taking consorts/concubines: (just about every powerful ruler in recorded history, some more obvious than others; a nice recent example is the newly deposed King of Nepal's grandfather's mistress, who has been kindly allowed to continue living in the Royal palace in spite of Nepal becoming a republic).
  • Marriage sans clergy: For a long time in Christian Europe, marriages were essentially contracted when a man and a woman either said "I marry you" with or without clergy or witnesses or "I will marry you" which made for a betrothal which didn't turn into a marriage until consummation.
  • Marriage based on caste/color/ethnicity/race: You don't marry someone outside the "group"
  • The requirement of a dowry-very traditional!
  • And the Bible, the OT especially, is full of wonderful examples of traditional marriage. From a man being made to marry his rape victim, to how to treat ones' wives and consorts, the Bible is the definitive source of "traditional" marriage.
So to those Californians who are going to cringe tomorrow as Ellen and Portia et al. marry legally, just remember, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.

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