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"[Unitarianism] is an attitude of the soul. Primarily it is the attitude of the soul towards God. We try to express this by the phrase, "Love to God." This is the first and great commandment, according to a very high authority. But the Unitarian must think of God as lovable before he can really love him. To him God is first of all the Father of infinite tenderness. That is why the Unitarian rejects the grim God of orthodoxy. You cannot really love a God who condemns the vast majority of his children to eternal damnation because they have not accepted a theological doctrine of which most of them have never even heard. You may profess to love such a God with your lips; but he is not really lovable. The Unitarian loves God because to him God is lovable. To him God is in very fact infinite love; and he will trust that love to the end."

--Rev. John Applebee
May Memorial Church, 1914

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