Say Three Hail Hillary's and call me in the morning

I realize that religion and politics are not easily separated; for example, a clergy person who is passionate about "loving God and loving humanity" might feel the need to speak out against political leaders who ignore or take advantage of the less fortunate. Better yet for that person to act-not protest or sign a petition or something to that extent, but roll up his/her sleeves and make real progress.

However, when it comes to the religious leaders who have spoken out/endorsed the current 3 presidential hopefuls, it seems to me that they are more interested in themselves and getting attention than in doing anything substantive for the common weal.

The recent comments deriding Hillary Clinton made by a catholic priest who preached at Obama's home church last Sunday reiterates this point. I will say that the conduct of all 3 Senators in denouncing such juvenile behavior speaks to the collegial nature of the Senate and says a lot about each of their characters.

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