Guns, God, and Goobers

Gee, where to begin...assuming for the sake of argument that indeed the claims of this young man are true, why in the hell is the US Military promoting belief in God? And which belief system exactly? The largest single Christian denomination in the US is Roman Catholicism, so let's use that as an example. When Benedict was here last week, I don't recall him asking American Catholics to take up arms and spread democracy to those heathen A-rabs (never mind that a good number of them are Christian already, from ancient Christian communities). Did I miss something?

Anyway, aren't (some) military folk always going on about how they are out fighting to preserve our Constitutional rights? Ignoring that flawed thinking, I'd still expect at least a bit of rational thinking-if you believe in freedom of belief, thought, and assembly (all Constitutionally guaranteed) enough to die for them, why would you deny your fellow-soldier his rights?

Shame on any soldier, regardless of rank, who behaves in such a dishonorable way.

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