Orf wif 'is 'ead

The spiritual head of the Anglican Communion, Dr. Rowan Williams (Archbishop of Canterbury) has come under assault for allegedly supporting the incorporation or accommodation of Sharia law in British (or more accurately, English) law. Like many things, this situation is less about fact and more about fiction and sensationalism.

At most, the Archbishop referenced an idea by a Jewish jurist that arbitration based on Sharia be made available to those who choose it, for civil/familial issues, something which already exists in Britain for Jews wishing for hallachic law to be applied to personal matters. The Jewish arrangement is just another form of binding arbitration, and is voluntary.

So what's the problem? I have no idea; there are howls for Williams' resignation, and I suspect that Islamophobia provides the tinder needed to push for his ouster by people who have long wanted him gone. He has consistently been more conservative than his North American peers, most notably regarding gay issues in the Communion, so I can't imagine why his foes want him to go or who they'd rather have in his stead. To quote the irreverent Simpson's [Barney] "Jesus must be spinning in his grave!"

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