It's not about you

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My words of wisdom (for what they're worth):
  1. If you oppose Marine recruitment, I will give you the same advise I give those opposed to gay marriage-don't do it if you don't like it.
  2. I sympathize with the anti-recruiter sentiment; as a High School senior I was inundated by phone calls from military recruiters. It was annoying and in the same category as telemarketers. If I want to subscribe to the newspaper, or join the military, I am competent enough to do so without having a stranger intrude my personal life with a misleading sales pitch.
  3. If the US were under real attack, as in the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, I would happily defend my homeland. But we have not been attacked since Pearl Harbor. 9-11 was the act of terrorists, which is to say, organized criminals. Rounding up the mafia does not require stationing troops in Italy, and neither does bringing terrorists to justice require us to be in Iraq. It's common knowledge that there is no connection between the former Iraqi Baathist regime and Al Qaeda.
  4. Both the city council and the GOP lawmakers in DC are wasting time and money fighting on this issue. The protesters are doing what most protesters do best-draw attention to themselves, and achieve little in tangible results.
  5. Praising the military and any action it takes as a form of blind patriotism scares me; condemning individuals who serve in the military for being the instruments of bad DC policy also scares me. In the end what we get are soldiers who are committing suicide, breaking up their families, and receiving sub-standard medical care. Flag waver or finger wagger, either viewpoint misses the substantive issues. How does this particular fracas serve anyone's needs besides politicians? How does it end the war, or provide for service personnel? It won't stop an innocent Iraqi civilian, or an unsuspecting young American soldier, from being killed. In the end, all of these people are engaging in emotional, psychological masturbation. Shame on them all.

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