Stupid People Tricks

My faith is bigger than yours!

I don't understand the desperate hysteria that comes with the need to show off one's religious beliefs in a government building. In Georgia, we have churches about every 3 feet or so, and plenty of other worship buildings as well. It's not like anyone is unaware of the religious existence of any group. I'm willing to bet that the majority of those who support this kind of nonsense can't name the ten commandments (or have any knowledge of the different "versions"), have never read the Mayflower Compact (a monarchical governing document applying to a particular colony in what is now Mass.), and haven't a clue what the Declaration of Independence is or what its legal standing is today (none).

Call me crazy, but as our only Trauma 1 Trauma Center in Atlanta is in peril of dying, and somehow I think $200+K could have been better spent as an expression of one's faith by say, helping the indigent. Jesus was pretty clear about how to express one's love for him and faith in him, and it didn't have anything to do with making a big expensive public display.

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