Resurrection of the Chocolate Jesus (complete with bits & pieces)

I know that art can and maybe should be thought-provoking, but to take a sacred concept and then do something intentionally irritating with it is rude. It is one thing to critique a faith, it is another to do something that you know will offend its followers. This is part of a trend of late that includes the Krishna lunch boxes/t-shirts/flip flops, and cartoons of Mohammad. Certainly I support the right of people to express themselves; but having the right to do something doesn't mean that one ought to do it. To use free speech as an excuse to be rude and disrespectful is to abuse the right; worse still is the threat of violence against those whose art is religiously offensive. If democracy is stained by the misuse of free speech by irreverent artists, then even greater is the stain on religion itself when it responds to irreverence not with the ethical high ground, but with violence and terror.

Civility goes a long way in making the world an easier place to live.

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