I can dig it

Two weeks ago I saw a small sign (a la real estate signs) outside the front entrance to my building. A few young, well groomed (and well-cologned) men were directing a small hoard of other young men and women towards the elevator. Whatever the are, the call themselves Fusion and I promptly went online to learn what sort of hip young happenin' this was, so I could ensure I was invited up to the 4th floor with all the cool kids.

I didn't find any info, but again tonight the same signs (with some handwritten ones too) were out. I assume this is a young adults Christian group, but I can't be certain.
In any case, if you type "fusion church" into a search engine, you will pull up a large number of churches named Fusion. Seems like a name aimed at the "hey we're Christian (orthodox) but we're cool too" crowd. It's an interesting name for a church.../ramble.

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