White people are bad

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Racism still exists in America. And in Canada, the UK, Mexico, Japan, China, India, Malaysia...to name a few.

A document written by David Rogers and Moira Bowman from the "Western States Center" says "The concept of race was created as a classification of human beings with the purpose of giving power to white people and to legitimize the dominance of white people over non-white people."

This is an incredibly Amerocentric viewpoint. It ignores the history of places like China where the Han dominated all other groups of people. In Japan the Japanese have displaced the Ainu, the indigenous, Caucasian peoples. The Japanese also have a high prevalence of racism especially towards other Asians and persons of African and Indian ancestry.

Or Malaysia where in May 1969 race riots broke out between ethnic Malays and Chinese. Malays perceived the Chinese population as being economically dominate and oppressive towards the Malay. Similar riots in 1964 in Singapore lead to its independence from the rest of the Malaysian federation. Malays were embracing an ideology called "ketuanan Melayu" which means "Malay supremacy." It's an idea that is still alive in Malaysia, and is even part of Malaysian textbooks published by the government. At the same time the US was struggling for equality for all citizens, other countries were dealing with the same issues. But because America is so self-involved we are mostly ignorant of the universal problem of discrimination. It manifests in different ways: racism, tribalism, classism, sectarianism, anti-semitism, homophobia, misogyny, regionalism...it is all the same thing. All of these are ways of reducing the human individual to a stereotype of perceived characteristics of a particular group to which the individual may or may not belong. It ignores the inherent rights of the human individual, and reduces the individual to a simplistic being rather than the necessarily complex, multi-faceted one.

White people did not invent race; it was and continues to be born from the worst part of the human heart and mind.

If one is serious about addressing oppression, one has to get beyond the simplistic, Amerocentric, ignorant views that too often hinder progress towards human equality.

As the Khasi Unitarians say, To Nangroi! (Keep progressing!)

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