Oh, behave!

The behavior of former Governor of New Jersey James McGreevey, and his estranged wife Dina make this quote from Gandhi quite relevant. The Governor cheated on Dina with a man; and then was forced to come out about the whole thing, embarrassing himself, his wife, and plenty of other people I'm sure.

Of course he has written a book about it, and now is considering the Episcopal priesthood. She too has written a book and is currently doing the media circuit promoting it.

Neither of them seem concerned with their previous behavior, current behavior, or how their examples impact their children.

It was selfish for him to cheat and to lie about his sexuality. It was wrong for him to enter into a heterosexual marriage when he knew that he wasn't straight. It is also wrong for her to make herself into a public martyr, in order to plug her book.

When we are wronged by another person, how we respond is a big test of our character. If he is behaving like a lout, then it is incumbent on her to take the high road. Both of them should reflect on how their choices are impacting their children (they have one daughter together and he has a daughter from a previous marriage).

When we see that we have gone wrong, it is our duty to retrace our footsteps and proceed again by the right path.

– Mohandas Gandhi

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