I've felt for a long time that civility in America has been in decline; maybe it's just the shifting perceptions that come from getting older, but in any case I was brought up with a certain sense of decency in treating other people, even people I didn't especially like. By no means have I been perfect in this regard, but I do try.

I am particularly disturbed when people are blatently rude towards someone because of their faith; I support the right of someone to make art calld "Piss Christ" but I still think it's unnecessarily obnoxious. Ditto Krishna lunch boxes etc.

So I was really disappointed when I read this story:

Pig racing

Not only was there a great deal of miscommunication between the two parties, but the man holding the "pig races" and pork sales was specifically doing so to offend Muslims (who apparently didn't take the bait). What's worse, the action was not called out for what it was-rude, infantile behavior, but rather it was called "Texas-spirited." I imagine there are a few million Texans who might disagree with that assessment.

We always have a choice regarding our behavior; it's up to us to use our free will in a responsible and constructive manner rather than a regressive, harmful manner.

Breathe Yet Again

How can we come to You, O God, with hearts that we have closed to one another?

O Holy One, remind us! We are Your children, all, lighted by the same precarious flame. How foolish are our walls of prejudice, our empty pride!

O patient God, take pity on us! You who breathed into us the one breath of our common life, breathe yet again, and bring us to our souls’ awakening.

--A. Powell Davies

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