A Prayer for Perspective

I don't necessarily feel like this prayer pertains to me at this time, but I liked it nonetheless.

God of creation,

Shaper of armadillos and aardvarks,

Spirit of the honeysuckle and the rose,

Why does everything seem to fit so well,

All the odds and sods and finely wrought pieces,

They all belong, all go together,

And I feel myself so different?

Am I the only one?

What is normal?

What does it mean to "be yourself?"

God of Creation,

Help me know that life comes in many shapes

and flavors and the range of what is

"normal" is limited not by statistics,

but by the bounds of love.

Spirit that dwells in the center of all life,

Help me know that I belong.

--(c) Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, 2006

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