It's a miracle!

One of my pet peeves is the modern abuse of the term “miracle” to describe a positive outcome in a given situation, usually medical. I’ve heard it a lot lately on the news, and while I’m happy for those whose loved ones recover from serious illnesses etc. I can’t help but be annoyed by the irrationality of their thinking.

When a person is very ill, goes to the hospital, and is treated by nurses, doctors, machines, drugs, and medical technology and afterward recovers from the illness, that is not a miracle. That is medical science at work.

A miracle would be the spontaneous healing of the gaping wound of a stab victim. A miracle would be the bullet reversing course from the body of the child, and regenerating the flesh it penetrated. A miracle is the hurricane immediately dissipating before it hits the city.

Some religious people today ask why we are so slow to acknowledge miracles; my question is, why are we so slow to acknowledge the hard work of countless women and men to improve the human condition via science? God gave us brains, we use them via the scientific method to effectuate change, and yet our culture still ascribes such change to supernatural, mysterious activities. Seems rather ungrateful!

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