Being good is hard

Unitarians do not generally accept the notion of salvation being achieved by believing the right doctrine, or performing the correct ritual. We believe that God has called us each to make ethical and compassionate choices every day of our lives. We believe that we are "saved" by making ourselves better human beings. It sounds easy and vapid, and we have been accused of such things before, but in reality its quite hard.

I don't like most politicians, because in my experience they are shallow, greedy, unprincipled people who are out for themselves and their party above all else. Sure, there are exceptions, but as we gear up for another contentious election cycle, and as issues such as gay marriage and government spying come up, my blood begins to boil.

However, I try (try being the operative word here-sorry Yoda) to keep the following in mind (something I posted a mere five months ago, and yet it needs to be repeated over and over...):


1. My adversary is also a child of the Creator; we are both members of the same human family; we are sisters and brothers in need of reconciliation.
2. My adversary is not my enemy, but a victim of misinformation as I have been.
3. My only task is to bring my adversary truth in love (nonviolence) relentlessly.
4. My adversary's motives are as pure as mine and of no relevance to our discussion.
5. My worst adversary has an amazing potential for positive change.
6. My adversary may have an insight into truth that I do not have.
7. My adversary and I will understand each other and come to a new position that will satisfy us both, if we conduct our search for truth guided by the principles of love.

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