An Affirmative Faith

At a time when it seems that so much of the world's religions are negative, joyless, and misanthropic, I find comfort from Alfred Hall:

"Instead of believing that God spoke to only a few men in days long past, Unitarians hold that he speaks to all his children, even to the worst. Instead of asserting that only a few will be saved, they teach that no one will be finally lost to God. Instead of perceiving God incarnated in one man only, they reverence the divinity in all. Instead of looking up to Jesus as the only Saviour of the world, they regard him and all good men as saviours. Instead of accepting a few miracles recorded in the Bible, they reverence the great ‘miracle’ of Creation and of all life. Instead of finding God’s presence mysteriously introduced into a sacrament, they find him revealed as a real presence throughout the universe. Instead of saying that the Bible alone contains the word of God, they old that every true and uplifting word is inspired by him."

--Alfred Hall, 'An Affirmative Faith' The Beliefs of a Unitarian

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