Switching teams (or, how fortunate the man with none)

By now everyone has heard of Abdul Rahman, the Afghani who converted to Christianity from Islam. Islam considers this act apostasy and a crime punishible by death (which is, to any reasonable human being, absurd).

The larger problem, besides the obvious violation of Mr. Rahman's civil rights, is that while the US was tinkering with democracy-in-a-box (just add water!) in Afghanistan, Afghanistan created an inherent conflict in its law. Its constitution guarantees both religious freedom, and that Sharia (Islamic law, under which Mr. Rahman is condemned to death) will be recognized. So this means that Mr. Rahman is free to become a Christian, but he'll have to die for it anyway.

The Middle East and the larger Islamic world simply is not ready for Western-style democracy. It takes time to develop; it took a long time for the US to evolve to where it is today. Anyone who has bothered to study history, and the early ideas floating around for building the Republic, would realize that the ideals we hold dear today weren't always so readily espoused by our forefathers. The notion that there is law seperate from the law specially given to a prophet is not something that people everywhere are ready for yet.

If it were up to me, I'd send ol' Condi Rice over in a military chopper, have her swoop down and pick Mr. Rahman up and bring him to America.

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