A Prayer in Springtime

O God of Life, you renew the face of the earth and quicken all things. We bless you for this lovely time; we praise you for all the beauty it brings to our eyes and for all the cheer it gives to our hearts. Forbid that we be sullen when the trees break forth into singing; forbid that we be unmoved when the great tide is flowing again. Make us eager not only to be good but also to be happier, knowing that joy is one of the fruits of the spirit. May we not defraud ourselves of the fleeting day, but drink here and now of the sweetness of life.

Source: Vivian Pomeroy, 1883-1961, Unitarian minister (originally from "A Book of Prayers," and reprinted in "Unitarian Prayers," the Spring/Summer issue of "The Unitarian Universalist Christian," Vol 39, Nos. 1-2, p.61)

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