Of walking and talking

It seems that every day we are bombarded with news stories of tax dollars misspent, laws bent or outright broken, or plain old lying, cheating, and stealing on the part of our political establishment.

My question is, where is the Religious Right when these things happen? We hear nothing from them as GOP bigwig after GOP bigwig is caught up in scandal; and yet, if Bill and Ted want to wed they can't keep themselves out of the public arena.

To me this demonstrates the warped values of a sizable portion of America's religious population. Rather than be concerned with the ethical conduct of our elected officials especially concerning the way they spend OUR money, many Americans are more intersted in interfering in the private affairs of their neighbors by way of government power. This dovetails well into the GOP strategy-abandon the small government values of yesteryear, and run the party as a cheerleader for conservative Christian ideology. Then, when in power, spend like a drunken socialist and cut any program which might make you look "soft." To be fair, Democrats fair no better, they just use a different script to get elected.

Is there any hope for America to find a real ethical center? Do we have any meaningful, deep, enduring religious values? Can we translate those values to how we govern?

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