Of naked, poorly endowed Emperors

As reported by Boy In The Bands, Davidson Loehr, no stranger to pointing out that the UU Emperor is naked, has submitted a letter to the UUA Board of Trustees lambasting them on two issues: 1. problems with the Pathways church in Texas (the background of which I’m only minimally familiar) and 2. the lack of a religious center to UUism and the negative affects that produces.

Anyone whose paid the slightest attention to my online ramblings over the past 7 or so years knows that I too believe UUism is largely devoid of a religious center, and that this is something which does more harm than good. In fact it was the reason I left the UU church I once attended, and left UUism altogether

While I think that Loehr makes some very valid, if not unpopular and perhaps painful points, he doe so with a sting that I’m trying to avoid (notice I said nothing regarding my success). Even though my recent attempts to re-join the UU fold locally didn’t end up in me signing the book, I still see among several congregations in the area some small sparks and glimmers of hope. One local minister recently gave a sermon in which he acknowledged that it’s hard for him to speak of “God” without having to qualify the term six ways to Sunday (to paraphrase heavily).

And so I still hold out hope for my beloved Unitarianism, a faith that is liberal enough to celebrate the love of God for all humanity; a faith that reminds us of the duty of the individual to his/her fellow human and perhaps even the rest of creation; a faith which really values spiritual and practical wisdom from whatever source; a faith that keeps the “good” from the world’s religious traditions; a religion where God is not a theoretical euphamism or a dirty term that invokes the wrath of people who won’t accept that theology comes in more than one flavor, but the Spirit at the heart of Reality, the center of community, the still small voice calling on us to do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.

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