MTD-We need a telethon, stat!

At her blog, Ashley Langford addresses "moralistic therapeutic deism" or "MTD" for short, a new and dreaded scourge on the American religious scene:

The post essentially quotes an author, Gene Edward Veith on this subject (

While the author does capture what I think can broadly describe the beliefs of many North Americans (though its important to note that the beliefs reflect those of 3,000 teens interviewed)-in and outside of mainstream Christian churches-the author fails to demonstrate how “traditional” Christian doctrine is superior to the ideas outlined. He simply shows how they are different.

For many people who have given great thought to the matter, the notion that all humans are inherently stained from conception, and therefore must be ideologically complicit in the torture and death of Jesus in order to win pardon from God, is untenable. It is for many of us irrational, immoral, and makes God out to be nothing but a jealous and capricious deity with Jesus as his reticent human sacrifice. Some people have given up on the Christian moniker and have left the fold altogether; others simply filter what they hear in church and follow their conscience, which can apparently lead them to some form of MTD.

I for one have done nothing in my life which could possibly warrant the torture and death of another human being to balance the scales of cosmic justice. Therefore, recognizing the existence of God, and my duty to God to live a life of high ethical caliber, at least has some practical impact and benefit to the world.

What does traditional sacrifice-and-atonement theology offer? What does it give to humanity? How does it “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, and comfort the imprisoned?”

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