I know you are, but what am I?

This past Tuesday, conservative Catholic blogger Charlotte Hayes, whose blog appears on Beliefnet blogged about the Catholic wedding of Michael Schiavo to his longtime girlfriend.

She complains that he doesn't warrant, or perhaps deserve is the better term, a Catholic wedding, and that the bishop of the diocese in which the marriage took place failed to do his duty in 1. fighting to save Terri Schiavo and 2. allowing the marriage of Michael Schiavo to take place.

Now I've long said that while I disagree with Catholic teaching on many issues (although on some issues I do agree, indeed I think Catholicism has a rich intellectual history that is too often overlooked these days) I respect the right of the Church to conduct itself as it chooses. We live in a free society and people who don't like the Church can try to change it, or they can leave it.

What bothers me is not a point of Catholic doctrine (which I'm not entirely certain Charlotte even brings up specifically) it was her flip and rude ending to the blog posting, in which she says:

"If Michael Schiavo isn't an unrepentant public sinner, I don't know who is."

I responded that she was (an unrepentant public sinner that is; of course who among us isn't?).

Regardless of how one feels about the Schiavo incident, being nasty to another human being by labeling them a "public sinner" just calls for the finger wagger to be chastised. Never mind Jesus' clear teachings about pointing out other people's sins as if you yourself weren't as human as your neighbor (think sliver versus log in one's eye), the real kicker for me is that Charlotte comments on the Vatican's recently released encyclical "DEUS CARITAS EST." For those with rusty Latin, that means, "God is Love" and is taken of course from the First Letter of John.

The encyclical, which I have yet to finish reading, starts out with the affirmation that God loves humanity, and that Jesus called on humanity to not only love God, but to love each other as well (sounds like a familiar formula, no?).

Were that Charlotte could really grasp this idea, and apply it to her posting. It's possible to be a conservative Christian without being nasty to other people.

And Charlotte, if by chance you ever read this, while I dislike many of your postings, I still love you as a human being.

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