First we need to determine if they even have souls

While perusing the news this morning, I see that the Church of England is "debating" (and coming up with a compromise) whether or not to ordain women bishops. The US mainline form of Anglicanism, the Episcopal Church, has already settled this issue and has been ordaining women as bishops since I believe 1989.

And so on a day when our country celebrates a man who worked for human equality until his untimely death, and as I said before regarding the Catholic Church's struggle over gay priests, while I respect that religious bodies must address these issues themselves, as they see fit, I again find myself rejoicing to be part of a religious tradition that has already dealt with this issue, and done so in a way that celebrates the value of the human individual, invites all to full participation in religious community, and exemplifies the love of God for all humans.

Prayer - M. Susan Milnor

Eternal God, Mother and Father, Spirit of life, we gather grateful for the companionship of hearts and minds seeking to speak the truth in love. We gather grateful for our heritage, for the women and men before us whose prophetic words and deeds make possible our dreams and our insight. We gather grateful for the gift of life itself, mindful that to respect life means both to celebrate what life is and to insist on what it can become.

May we always rejoice in life and work to cultivate a sense of its giftedness, but may we also heed the call to transformation and growth. May we find in ourselves the strength to face our adversities, the integrity to name them, and the vision to overcome them. May we honor in pride the heroines and heroes of our past, but may we also keep company with the fallen, the broken and the oppressed, for in the dazzling of noon day's heat, and in the star-studded shimmering of night's rich blackness, we are they. Amen.

Source: 1997 UUMA Worship Materials Collection

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