What better day for a prayer...or two

Prayer - P.M. Traunstein

Creator God:
We always ask before we thank, for we are asking creatures.

We ask for love
and thank you for the love you have inspired in us.
We ask to be closer to you
and thank you for our capacity to pray.
We ask for understanding
and thank you for bringing us the light of your presence.
We ask for happiness
and thank you for the joy of life.
We ask for strength
and thank you for the courage you have given us to hope.
We ask for your presence
and thank you for living in our hearts.

We ask, and we have already received.
Blessed be your name, O God, our Creator.

Source: 1997 UUMA Worship Materials Collection

Prayer - Robert R. Walsh
(A Thanksgiving Prayer)

Eternal God, source of all created things, we would give substance to our thankfulness by resolving to make right use of the gifts we have received from thy bounty.

With thy gift of the senses we would fashion and preserve a world of beauty for all. With thy gift of reason we would engage in a responsible search for truth. With thy gift of compassion we would build a world of justice and mercy. And with thy gift of being we would walk together in peace.

Thus, in gratitude, may we become faithful servants of thy glorious ongoing creation. Amen.

Source: 1997 UUMA Worship Materials Collection

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