Thoughts from the Rev. Dorris

We have stirred the Spirit and it is now streaming forth.
Many conflicting thoughts have set in motion conflict and trouble.

The Spirit is swift to move like a mighty wind.
It can bring harmony and peace or conflicts and troubles.

We can blend the Spirit with love and purify our thoughts and words.
We can become skilled in the Sacred rules and laws and gain our hearts desire.

We can take our place as immortal and loving Children of the One.
Then our spirit will never weary of bringing blessings to all.

We can use the Spirit to guide all the children around the world.
We can be proper way showers and guides in showing others to the sacred path.

We can continue to advance step by step on the sacred path.
We can use the Spirit to travel in all the regions of the heavens and the earth.

We can allow the Spirit within to guide us to mankind's highest realm or station.
We can work and live each day as loving and worthy Children of the One.

Many among our brothers and sisters think that this is impossible to do.
Worthy Children are among us but we must awaken to see and know them.

The Spirit will bring and develop in us the wealth of knowledge and wisdom.
To receive this wealth you must love and serve the One and your fellow man.

With Love,

Rev Dorris

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