Jesus just wants his MTV

I just read an article about Sony pulling ads featuring Jesus playing video games (to paraphrase); the pullout was due to Catholic complaints.

Normally I'm not quick to side with people whose feelings are "hurt" by harmless, and most often, stupid (but not politically correct) things. But I've noticed lately that I've grown a bit sensitive to religious portrayals like the one of Jesus playing video games. For example, I saw an ad for a line of products called "Pagoda" the other day, and wondered if Westerners would find it odd to see a line of, say, hamburger buns in China marketed by "Cathedral." "Buy Our Lady of Halitosis Mouthwash!" Or worse when I see Krishna on a lunchbox; I mean come on, let's have some respect for others' sense of the Holy by at least not mocking it via commercial products.

God maybe I'm just getting soft in the head in my old age...

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