What is a Unitarian?

The questions raised by the UUA Committee on Appraisal's report on "Engaging our theological diversity" has created much chatter online regarding theology in the UUA, and what it means to be a UU, a Universalist, and/or a Unitarian.

On the AUC site (linked on the right side of the blog) the Rev. Dorris offered his thoughts to the question: What is a Unitarian? I think he gives a good response:

What is a Unitarian?
This is a very perplexing question.
"What" may not be the proper question and but "who."

A Unitarian may be a person from any nation or race.
He or she is a person with great cares and concerns.
They are people who care about and strive for the good of man.

A Unitarian is a person who believes there is one God.
They do not seek to place labels on the way to worship Him.
They do not seek to restrict how others may relate to Him.

A Unitarian is a person who seeks to live in harmony and peace.
They recognize all of humanity as family and kin.
They seek to love and serve in anyway they can.

A Unitarian seeks to learn and grow in knowledge and wisdom.
They seek out the best instruction in all the world religions.
They seek to live out the unity and principles as best they can.

A Unitarian will accept no limiting doctrine or creed imposed on them.
They listen to the still small voice that they have within.
They follow the guidance of the Spirit wherever it may lead.

A Unitarian has only two great principles to observe.
They will love and serve the one God.
They will love and serve their fellow man.

A Unitarian is a very rare breed in the world today.
They do not seek to control, but to serve others in their journey.
They strive to be worthy to be called Children of the One.

With Love,

Rev Dorris

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