I have railed against binary thinking in other forums; by binary thinking, I mean the tendency in America today to think that every issue has only two options: one must either be a creationist and thus affirm a deity, or be an evolutionist and thus affirm atheism. I live in Cobb County Georgia so the issue of evolution is an all too real example of binary thinking.

After reading the article about scientists and religious beliefs, I did a search on Kenneth Miller, who teaches biology at Brown and is a practicing Catholic. He wrote a book called "Finding Darwin's God." There's an excerpt here: God & Evolution

I especially like this quote, which sums up my feelings on this issue (more eloquently than I can):

"To some, the murderous reality of human nature is proof that God is absent or dead. The same reasoning would find God missing from the unpredictable branchings of an evolutionary tree. But the truth is deeper. In each case, a deity determined to establish a world that was truly independent of his whims, a world in which intelligent creatures would face authentic choices between good and evil, would have to fashion a distinct, material reality and then let his creation run. Neither the self-sufficiency of nature nor the reality of evil in the world mean God is absent. To a religious person, both signify something quite different - the strength of God's love and the reality of our freedom as his creatures." (emphasis mine"

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