More trouble in London

My God, why do people behave like this? I just heard 10 minutes ago that another bomb has gone off in the London underground. What do people think this kind of behavior will accomplish? Bombing and running away like a spineless bastard does what, exactly? Why not just crush kittens and eat babies?

While I am not a fan of the US and UK's foreign policy (and let's face it, in the past 100 years it's been basically one foreign policy) killing innocent people is the shittiest and least effective way to attempt political change. You want a war? Form an army, and stand out in the open and fight.

Meditation - Gary Kowalski

To the God above God we turn our thoughts in meditation.

To the God above the god of any single nation,
who unites the people of the world
in the bonds of kinship and peace;

To the God above the god of any single ideology,
who knows that one human life
is more valuable than all the systems in the world;

To the God above the god of any single religion,
whose goodness and inspiration
are the possession of people of all faiths;

To the God above God
who brings humility to our minds
and reverence to our hearts --

We dedicate ourselves in work and in prayer.

Source: 1997 UUMA Worship Materials Collection; altered

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